Minnesota Lamb and Wool Producers welcome and support sheep farms of all breeds, types, sizes, production methods and experience levels

Officers & State Directors


Northeast - Kay Edberg| Mora, MN sraedberg@gmail.com

Northwest - Jeff Young | Norcross, MN

Southeast- Daryl Boehm| Racine, MN

               Southwest-Steve Schreier| Tracy, MN                      507-760-0402

WestCentral- Dan Persons | Kensington, MN Rafterp@runestone.net

Metro -Frank Heldberg | LeSueur , MN

Dir At Large- Brock Erickson

Executive Board

President- Steve Froehlich | Grasston, MN   sfroehlich@hydrosunhydroponics.com                 320-396-3135

1st Vice President - Delvin Durheim | Long Prairie, 320-766-3875

2nd Vice President- Randy Kinney| Glenwood,MN kinneylamb@gmail.com  320-760-5727

Secretary - Jacob Wilts | St. Michael, MN jacob.wilts@outlook.com 763-232-3576

Treasurer- Glenette Sperry | Center City, MN gtsperry@frontiernet.net

Past Presidents

Travis Fowler | Truman, MN tjfranch@frontiernet.net  507-436-5273

Randy Kinney | Glenwood, MN kinneylamb@gmail.com  320-760-5727

How we can help benefit you and your farm:

Communication of Sheep industry news

American Sheep Industry (ASI) monthly magazine

Weekly ASI e-news

Email updates

Website & Facebook Page

Flock improvement opportunities

Shepherd's Holiday annual Convention each fall

On-farm workshop & tours

Mentoring programs

Promotion of lamb and wool

Support Youth sheep projects

4-H & FFA sponsorship

Starter flock scholarships

Legislative Action (St. Paul & D.C.)

Membership directory

Make it With Wool competition

Networking with other sheep enthusiasts at the Shepherd's Holiday, Shepherd's Harvest Festival and/or any number of other MLWP sponsored events